Good to see that you’ve found your way to gooos.nl, my personal website on which I:

share photo’s with family and friends (therefore the galleries are with restricted access),
post updates about my travels and the events I’ve visited,
share how-to’s for my own reference and for the benefit of others,
and occasionally post about subjects like photography / technology / projects / my coding activities / et cetera.
Who am I? Well, in short, I’m Steven, born in 1980, living in the west of The Netherlands, and I’m working in IT since 2006 as a Technical Project Lead / Project Manager / Consultant. I’ve an interest in technology, photography, hiking, (single malt) scotch, like to customize and program for WordPress (themes, plugins, and the core), and I’m also contributing to the Dutch (nl_NL) translation of the WordPress core and several plugins. Besides that I maintain several websites / webshops for friends and I like to keep myself busy as a volunteer in a number of organizations.

As mentioned above the galleries are with restricted access. When you’ve already created an account and you’re either family or a friend of mine, then ask me to change your membership from Subscriber into Subscriber+. Just let me know your username and the e-mail address you’ve used for your account. That’s the only way to obtain access to the galleries.

For the ones interested in which theme I’ve used for gooos.nl… that’s the free Pictorico theme by Automattic, the folks behind WordPress. It’s just a vanilla installation with just some minor scripts added to enable the restricted access to the galleries.